Mikhalok's Brutto featured in new documentary on Russian TV

Выйшаў дакументальны фільм пра Міхалка і Brutto

A documentary about Siarhei Mikhalok and Brutto premiered at the Russian TV channel "Dozhd" on April 19. According to the film's author Siarhei Yarzhankou, the viewers will see his own perception of the character:

"Fans of the early work remember another Mikhalok -- funny clown and travelling artist. For them he was a man with accordion, with gangsters and cops in all karaoke bars of the former CIS dancing to his music. This older version of String, outmoded. He lived many different lives . I counted three. Maybe there is more. Noone except Mikhalok knows. His body is a book with funny pictures, roadmap of the wandering artist. In my film, I tried to draw a path of his spiritual quest. Three lives, three persons, that's why it is divided into three parts. Three stories of the three stages of initiation by Nietzsche: the camel - as a way to overcome yourself, the lion - way to overcome external obstacles and a child - how to overcome the nature of immortality through procreation".