The venue owners decided last minute to cancel a rental contract with the musician not favored by Belarus ideology officials.

After the gig in Homiel, has Mikhalok become part of the system his ‘revolutionary resistance brigade’ is struggling with?

BRUTTO frontman Siarhei Mikhalok described the gig as historical after the five-year period without concerts in Belarus.

The famous Brit pulled Belarusian Yulia in bed with him and forced fans to stand up.

The Canadian rock musician was worried about queues at the Belarusian border. He will probably visit Belarus in a year.

Social networks users have started uploading photos from Yuri Shevchuk’s concert.

The popular Belarusian band gave a farewell concert in the Ukrainian capital yesterday.

Enjoy watching the videos of Daj Darohu!, Neuro Dubel, Nizkiz, Harotnica, Sciana and Tlušč performing at Eurordaio’s musical awards ceremony.

Ihar Palynski sang a Belarusian song at the audition and was chosen to sing at the concert on December 5 in Moscow.