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Zmitser Vaitsyushekvich's authorized concert banned in Minsk


Zmitser Vaitsyushevich’s concert was allowed in Minsk. The event was appointed for December 8 and was supposed to be held at the concert hall Atlant.  The sale of tickets started last week and an advertising campaign was launched. WZ-orkiestra were preparing a great concert programme consisting of Vaitsyushkevich’s best songs.


However, the rent contract was suddenly cancelled on December 7. It happened although the musicians had a preliminary agreement and a guest performance certificate. The sale of tickets stopped and the concert was cancelled. Atlant explained the refusal by winter holidays. The plant will not work until January 16.


Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich has been unable to perform in Belarus since 2010. His concerts are getting cancelled for various formal reasons.