Man suspected of beating policemen dies in Zhodzina jail

У Жодзінскай турме памёр падазраваны ў збіцці міліцыянтаў

A Slutsk inhabitant, 37, suspected of beating policemen has died in Zhodzina prison #8. Ihar Barbashynski’s case (disobedience to the police) had been considered by Slutsk District Court for more than a month.


Ihar and his brother Ivan were returning home from a café at the end of March when policemen detained them for being drunk in a public place, Novy Chas reports. The detained were delivered to a sobering-up centre.

An ambulance was called in the morning. The brothers were taken to hospital with numerous bruises and rib fractures. They had been beaten by policemen, the brothers said. They complained to Slutsk District Department of the Interior. However, a criminal case was started against them instead. They were accused of beating policemen. Both brothers were detained and jailed in Zhodzina.

There hearings were held in August. The policemen were unable to present the necessary evidence. The case is still open. The suspects asked for an additional expertise to prove that they had not used force against policemen.

Ihar Barbashynki’s mother got to know about his death on September 20. The cause of death is unknown.