Makei: Nobody makes terms for Belarus election (video)

Nobody lays down terms for the Belarusian presidential election, foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei told ONT in the programme Contours on August 16.

Makei: "Nobody lays down terms for the presidential lection. Nobody even has the right to do it. Belarus is a sovereign state and we conduct the election according to the national legislation and our international commitments.  I am sure that the election will be transparent and open and there will be no problems with the organization of the election.”

Belarus is interested in normalizing its relations with the European Union as soon as possible, Makei noted again.

The Belarusian Minister for Foreign Affairs visited Ukraine not long ago. The presidential election will be held in Belarus on October 11. 8 initiative groups will be collecting signatures until August 21 (they need at least 100 thousands).