Lutsenko: Terrorists enveloped, divided into 3 groups (video)

Yury Lutsenko noted the heroism of the military men who defended the border under the constant artillery shelling from both the terrorists and Russia for over a week. After the recently conducted regrouping of the Ukrainian forces and closing the ranks with the reserves there came a turning point. Troopers, commandos, National Guard soldiers and volunteers passed to the offensive in all the sections.

Lutsenko claims that the terrorists group has been divided into three. Luhansk has been separated from Donetsk, the terrorists group in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk got enveloped. The military men are ready for the antiterrorist operation completion, their eagle spirit in on the high, says Lutsenko.

Also, Poroshenko's advisor said that Moscow provoked Kyiv to announce a full-scale war, to which "Ukraine is not ready".

Photo by Ukraine's Ministry of Defence press-center