Lukashenka says belting a useful way to punish children

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Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka on Friday was at a firing range in the Brest region to attend the trials of new Belarus-made weapons. During the visit, the head of state made several resonating statements not only about the army but also about the latest developments in the country. Lukashenka heavily criticized a prospective law against domestic violence, explained why he had abolished the ban on alcohol overnight sales, talked about hazing in the army and the upbringing of children. Euroradio has picked the key quotes for you.

On domestic violence

"This is our tradition, our way of life, and we will bring up [our children] the way we deem necessary."

"It is a nonsense [a draft bill on domestic violence] taken from the West. It is now trendy there to talk about domestic violence. Well, they will soon have no families left, with men marryng other men. They have no-one to give birth to children. Why would we need to borrow their family standards?"

"Good belting can be sometimes useful for a kid but not for everyone, naturally. My oldest son Victor would often get punished. The younger son Dima saw Victor getting belted so he stood quietly nearby. I have never punished the youngest son - he is 15 now. He has given no reason to be punished."

On the alcohol overnight sales ban

The alcohol overnight sales ban had lasted for only 24 hours before Aliaksandr Lukashenka ordered to restore the previous status quo.

"This is a brainless decision of the government disguised as an experiment to appease the police. I have warned the police that they must work in the existing socio-economic conditions in the country."

"I saw it with my own eyes when they did it last time. Do we need taxi drivers to start re-selling alcohol agan? It is not even about filling the budget, although it is also important."

"I remember very well the alcohol-free 'Comsomol weddings.' They would put a kettle on the table and pour wine, vodka into it. Both the party bosses and their subordinates were drinking and grinning while those prohibition laws were in effect."

On bringing up his children

"When he doesn't understand, I can say something harshly. After all, I am the president. I guess my children take into account that they should better not annoy their father. Whatever the father says becomes a law for them. Therefore, I am not a role model when it comes to the upbringing of children. But my children understand that they cannot let their father down. I am very happy they have not become 'the golden boys' as it is trendy to say these days."

"I am teaching them to live like you live, like ordinary people live."

On hazing in the army

Aliaksandr Lukashenka reckons there should be no even isolated cases of hazing in the Belarusian Army, having in mind the Aliaksandr Korzhych case now in court. But recently there have been several fresh hazing-related deaths. On 5 September, private Aliaksandr Arlou was found hanging in the military unit No 33933.

“When I was serving in the frontier troops, we had no idea what hazing was like. It is a shame we have the cases - well, isolalted  - of hazing. It makes me feel sick. Hazing means a man is degraded and humiliated. It is a shame for the Army. We will burn hazing with a forged iron."

On deferrals from military service

"I am a bit harsh when I speak on this topic. Being a man, not only the president, it concerns me a lot. Almost 80% of conscripts are deferred from military service, under the laws due to university studies, family issues, etc… It means we have made those decisions ourselves. This is not okay. You know, we are dying out as a species. We are dying out as men."