Lukashenka on black list of musicians: Let us get things moving

‘Blacklisted’ Belarusian musicians should not be treated in a harsh way, Alyaksandr Lukashenka thinks. He announced it at the meeting with journalists of Euroradio, Radio Liberty and TUT.BY.

“You mentioned ‘the black list’ at the previous press conferences. I was surprised. There is no such a black list. But I will see to it once again. Let us order Davydzka (head of the Belarusian State Broadcasting company – Euroradio) to give them air time in some format. We may do it. Davydzka is an ideologically restrained person. He is a Belarusian and has a good command of Belarusian – he will not allow anything bad on TV. Let us get things moving somehow.”

Cultural figures need to focus on working at home instead of ‘leaving for Russia where there are a lot of their own musicians’, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said.  “They (the musicians – Euroradio) probably made some mistakes and they would have been ‘blacklisted’ for it in Europe, America and Russia. However, they should not be treated in such a harsh way,” the state leader noted.

Photo: BELTA