Logvinau ordered by court to pay almost a billion rubles

On January 9, the trial of Igar Loginau - owner of the Logvinau bookstore - finished at economic court. He was accused of selling books without a license from the Ministry of information. The court set Logvinau a fine of 5 million rubles. In addition, Logvinau was charged 961 million rubles, which the tax authorities considered the store profit.

As many as 20 people - five times more than in the first meeting on January 5 - werew allowed at the trial of the publisher and bookseller on Friday.

Igar Logvinau court did not admit his guilt. He also noted that 961 million rubles is not profit of the shop but its turnover. Logvinau said that the bookstore works almost for free. However, the court did not take into account the arguments of the bookseller.

After the trial bookselling explained to reporters:

Logvinau: "This money is not in the account. This was the net profit received by the store for a year of work. During the year, it was fully spent on rent, salaries, and other needs. To pay that kind of money right now is impossible. Perhaps, the bankruptcy procedure will start now. It is hard to say something specific - we will consult with a lawyer. We will try to appeal the court's decision."

Logvinau has 10 days to appeal the decision.

Incidentally, Logvinau told reporters that the famous store will continue to work regardless of the outcome of the trial, as it is now registered to another entity. Igar Logvinau is planning to only engage in the book publishing business.