Liberal Democrats collect $ 23K for their leader's car

Deputy Chairman of the Liberal Democratic party Aleh Haidukevich boasted about his brand-new Toyota Sequoia to the portal Euroradio has learnt how much the former Chief of the Frunzenski district police department paid for it - $ 45K. Where did the Lieutenant Colonel of the police take such money?!

Aleh Haidukevich: "I used to have a Chrysler 300C, so I sold it. It was $ 20K... Or maybe $ 22K. So, I sold it, worked for the party for a year and bought this one (a Toyota Sequoia. — Euroradio)."

So, half of the car belongs to Haidukevich Junior personally, and the party members-entrepreneurs donated for the other half. It is interesting that Haidukevich bought his first car, the Chrysler for more than $ 20K, when he was still a policeman. Do policemen really earn that much?

Aleh Haidukevich: "A police Chief can buy a car for $ 20K easily. The salary is Br 8 million, plus -he can inherit some money. My grandfather dies and left me an apartment, I sold it."

He makes an unexpected conclusion on what to do to prevent policemen from accepting bribery.

Aleh Haidukevich: "My family has always been better-off. My parents, my grandparents - I grew up in a better-off family.  When I worked in the police, I had no need to accept bribery - I had everything!"

Moreover, Lieutenant Colonel Haidukevich lost almost nothing when he left the police for the opposition. He says he earns more than a thousand dollars a month. However, it's not the party that pays him - he works for some commercial companies as an advisor. He doesn't say which exactly, but confesses his party members own them. He also mocks his opposition colleagues, like, they work nowhere but still manage to find the West money for their activity, but are afraid to show them and drive cheap cars in the end. All of them, says Haidukevich, apart from "sly" Andrei Dzmitryeu (deputy chief of the Tell the Truth campaign), who has a Lexus RX. no one knows where he took the money to buy it.

Andrei Dzmitryeu disappoints - his Lexus was twice cheaper than Haidukevich's Toyota Sequoia.

Andrei Dzmitryeu: "This is a Lexus RX of 2006. I paid approximately $ 24-25K for it then - I ordered it through my friends in the U.S."

In order to buy the "prestigious" Lexus, Dzmitryeu sold his old Volvo and "added up a bit". This money, he assures, he earned without the help of the Western grants for the struggle for democracy in Belarus.

Andrei Dzmitryeu: "I had a business of my own, which I closed in 2009 when I took the decision to participate in the presidential campaign, in order to avoid problems. This business brought me money."

The car of the Movement For Freedom leader Alyaksandr Milinkevich is twice cheaper than Dzmitryeu's Lexus and four times cheaper than Haidukevich's  Toyota Sequoia.

Alyaksandr Milinkevich : "I have a Volvo xc90. It was $ 12K, I bough it three years ago. It was produced in 2005."

Milinkevich earned the money for the car by giving lectures in foreign universities.

Alyaksandr Milinkevich : "I lectured even in Cambridge! I give lectures in Germany, in Poland, I also publish books and work as an editor. I earn a lot. When I decided to run at parliamentary election (2012 - Euroradio), I had $ 2K a month under the declaration."

Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka paid about $ 10K for his Volkswagen Jetta of 2006. He claims that he honestly earned all this money in the party - the politician gets about $ 500 a month as a Chairman. 

Chairman of the BPF party Alyaksei Yanukevich drives his father's Audi 80 of 1997. However, the politician used to have his own car - a Mitsubishi Galant of 1999, for $ 6K. Yanukevich got in a car accident in it a year ago, got the insurance and paid the rent for the party office instead of buying a new car. He plans to buy something instead of his father's Audi, but there's not enough money so far...

Photo:, Zmicier Lukashuk