Kurapaty restaurant visitor attacks picketers

Restaurant “Poedem, Poedim” near Kurapaty / svaboda.org
Restaurant “Poedem, Poedim” near Kurapaty / svaboda.org

One of the visitors of the restaurant “Poedem, Poedim” attacked Kurapaty defenders on the evening of February 6. The man arrived on purpose, Pavel Sevyarynets said.

“A man in his 50s arrived in a grey Mazda. We remember its number plates. He started insulting us and used bad words like “bloody Jews”. Jews had been shot in the forest and that we also had ‘to be shot down, he said. The man attacked picketer Yuras Paliyenka and punched him in the face, then he switched to me and started tearing the white-red-white flag off me. We did not attack him back and told him to calm down. We did not fight back,” Sevyaryents described the details of the incident.

The car almost ran over him, Yuras Paliyenka said. The picketer fell onto the bonnet. The driver got out and started fighting. The police did not get interested in the incident at all, the activist added.

The man arrived to provoke them, Sevyarynets believes. Kurapaty defenders usually give leaflets to drivers and they drive on, he added.

Pickets near the restaurant “Poedem, Poedim” started almost 9 months ago. The picketers demand to close down the restaurant because they believe it was constructed in violation of the law. Furthermore, having an entertainment complex built near a mass execution site violates moral rules. The restaurant's owners insist  it was built legally.