Killer of 3-year-old son gets 23 years in prison

Minsk City Court has sentenced Ina Zubovich who threw her 3-year-old son down from the 12th floor to 23 years in colony.

The woman has been returned guilty of killing a helpless minor, BELTA reports. The sentence may be appealed. However, the woman is not going to do it, her lawyer said.

The prosecutor asked to imprison Ina Zubovich for 25 years and the defense asked for 8 years in colony. The defendant herself asked for the death penalty.

34-year-old Minsker decided to commit suicide with her little son due to personal problems and bad economic standing. The woman drank alcohol and gave it to the little boy. However, she did not jump out of the window after she had thrown the child down from the 12th floor.