Minsker who threw her 3-year-old son from 12th floor is arrested

The 34-year-old Minsker suspected of killing her son was arrested on February 5.

The tragedy occurred in Adzintsou Street on the evening of January 28. Local inhabitants reported that they had noticed a little boy lying on the entrance roof. Rescuers evacuated the child and handed him over to medics but the boy died on the way t hospital.

Investigators revealed that the child had probably been thrown out of the 12th floor. His drunk mother was detained on suspicion of a murder. The woman wanted to commit suicide together with her child but could not jump out after she had thrown her child down.

The woman is arrested now. A criminal case for murder has been started, BelaPAN reports. The Minsker will also have to undergo a psychiatric expertise.

The woman was a kindergarten teacher’s assistant. She explained her deed by a difficult economic standing.

Photo: sb.by