Kalіnkіna: Security agencies published articles on web site of “Belarusian Partisan”

According to “Charter-97”, the web site of “Belarusian partisan” has been put down by Belarusian hackers. The site’s passwords have been found out due to a DdoS-attack. Belarusian security agencies are publishing materials there now. The web site is down at the moment. However, a number of strange articles were published there before the site had gone down. They surprised the readers.

An author of “Belarusian Partisan”, a famous journalist Svyatlana Kalinkina, noted that somebody signed an article urging to start a revolution in Belarus with her name. Articles criticizing Putin and Russia also appeared there. A critical article about Boris Nemtsov was signed by Pavel Sheremet.

Let us remind you that the attack against Belarusian opposition web sites started on April 26. Hackers interfered in the work of the web sites of “Charter-97” and of the Belarusian affiliate of Radio “Liberty”.