It is absolutely impossible to move Belarus to American continent, FM Makei says

Uladzimir Makei / Reuters
Uladzimir Makei / Reuters

Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Uladzimir Makei has stated on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference that it is absolutely impossible to drag the country into a sphere of influence. According to him, Belarus has been, is and will be in Europe, where it has both large and small neighbor.

"Of course, we are subject to a certain influence of these countries. But it's absolutely impossible to say that it's possible to move Belarus to the American continent or for it to be more subject to American influence. We'll stay where we are," said the Minister, the Russian edition Izvestia reports.

Uladzimir Makei also noted that Belarus is ready to be friends with everybody, to strengthen and develop friendly relations. Both with Russia and with other important trade and economic partners. Such as the European Union and the USA.

"Belarus has never been and will never be friends with someone at the expense of someone else, to the detriment of someone or against someone. We want normal, good relations with all our partners. Naturally, they will be objectively closer with the neighbors".