How new draft of Belarusian Constitution will affect powers of President

Как в новой редакции Конституции изменяются полномочия президента Беларуси
Lukashenka used to say that the new Constitution was not being made "to suit him", but it looks the other way round /

The authorities have published a draft of the updated Constitution. A referendum on the document will be held in the second half of February. The new draft of the Constitution features not only cosmetic changes like "preserving historical truth," but also major changes to the vertical of power.

Euroradio has studied the draft of the new Constitution.

Who will (not) become president

For whoever aspires to the presidency, the updated Constitution has stricter requirements. For example, he or she must now be at least 40 years old (previously he or she was 35). The period a person has to live in Belarus prior to elections is twice as long -- 20 years (previously it was 10 years).

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