How KGB intercepted Andrei Haidukou’s letter to CIA

Andrei Haidukou from Navapolatsk was detained on November 8, 2012. He was jailed in KGB prison until this summer.  The trial was held in Vitsebsk on June and July. Haidukou was facing 7-15 years of imprisonment for treason and attempted crime. However, the charges were changed later. Andrei Haidukou was imprisoned for 1.5 years for “attempting to contact a foreign intelligence without treason” on July 1.

Haidukou stood a closed-door trial, so little is known about his case. However, a letter that Andrei Haidukou wanted his friend to send to the CIA from Germany was published by SB. Belarus Today, the organ of Belarus president's administration, yesterday. Haidukou's friend was allegedly "inspected" at the customs and that's how letter was spotted and retrieved.

The newspaper has also published some other Haidukou’s letters that were received by KGB instead of the CIA. Haidukous said how much money his organization needed and for what activities. The sum reached almost $104 thousand.

The author of the article, some Ihar Dolin, also debates with Belarusian human rights defenders who claimed that the newspaper violated the law by publicizing the details of a close-door investigation and trial.