Haidukevich Jr.: Kurapaty belongs to whole nation, not only to opposition

Гайдукевіч-малодшы: Курапаты належаць не частцы апазіцыі, а ўсёй краіне

Senior deputy head of the LDP Aleh Haidukevich has commented on the situation in Kurapaty on Facebook.  Opposition activists have been struggling to close the restaurant “Poedem, Poedim” for more than 2 weeks. The politician is reproaching officials of inactivity – they have not made any decision so far.

“Officials keep silent and are waiting for somebody else to solve all problems. The police and special services are left holding the baby again; they are wasting money and resources in Kurapaty every day! What will happen if there is a real conflict or a political crisis in the country? They will hide in their studies waiting for something to happen while the police will be working. It will be the same as in 1991 and 1996,” Haidukevich Jr. said.

The LDP leader is urging to take the Kurapaty monopoly away from the opposition and not to make businessmen responsible for everything. “Wake up, many of you are not retiring any time soon. If you keep working like this, those who are ‘biting’ in Kurapaty now will deprive you of your pension in the future,” he wrote.

Kurapaty belongs to the whole nation, not only to the opposition, Aleh Haidukevich thinks. That is why ‘we need a memorial that would unite everyone, not only a small part of the country, and the memorial should not be politicized.’ “Politics and politicians are inadmissible in a cemetery and dancing is inadmissible either”.