Fun at LIDBEER 2018 - in pictures

Russian band Animal Jazz performing at the LIDBEER 2018 festival on 8 September 2018. Euroradio image.

The festival kicks off. 8 September, 12:30, the stairs near the Lida Castle. Lidskaje Piva (Lida Beer) CEO Audrius Miksys is greeting the guests of the festival and making a symbolic sip to officially declare the festivities in Lida open. It lasted late into the night.

Audrius Miksys is speaking.

A couple of hours later, the town started to boil: tens of thousands of people came to attend the beer festival. Everyone seems happy: people are laughing, chatting and singing songs everywhere.

The entertainment program before the concert was impressive: five-meter-long sticks with grilled meat, street musicians, a knight tournament, a beer battle and a chopper that could be hired for a ride for BYN30 ($15).

A kiosk selling Belarusian embroidered shirts was a special hit.

Две сцэны, некалькі гадзін першакламнай музыкі. Людзей так шмат, што некаторым даводзіцца выкарыстоўваць біноклі, каб пабачыць улюбёных музыкаў.

The beer festivak ended with the last chords from Leningrad's Sergei Shnur and fireworks all over.