The head of the bank, German Gref, did not comment on the talks, the figure was broadcast on the program "Two from the Palace".

Check out this Euroradio's huge photo report from the LIDBEER 2018 annual musical festival run by the Lida brewery.

Troitsa leader Ivan Kirchuk has shown a solo performance Confession Under Roofs

The organizers have offered a new format for ‘the brain competition’.

The Dreamland park hosted the Holi festival of paint.

Club Re:Public hosted the Euroradio Festival, where our editorial staff named the best musicians of 2014.

Goods made with raw materials imported from outside of the Eurasian Economic Union will not be affected by the price moratorium.

People in Belarus sold $23 million to banks in the first five days of 2015 against $45 million sold in cash between 25 and 29 December, 2014.

He will take part in the Council of CIS leaders there.