Dayem Rady music festival in Minsk

Euroradio was broadcasting live from the Re:Public club which was hosting the Euroradio festival Dayem Rady. The festival will name the best musicians of the past year, and feature bands like Haina, Mutnaevoka, Rabitaye sertsa patsana, Akute and Trubetskoy.

It is the first time that the Dayem Rady festival in the Re:Public is held with the high quality sound system Vertec, which includes a linear array with a capacity of up to 70 kilowatts of sound (standard equipment of the club has only 16)!

"This equipment is top-class and it's used by all the world stars," says director of the  rental equipment agency Stage Service, Dzmitry Darozhka. For example, during their latest visit to Minsk, group Korn performed using the same equipment. The same equipment was used during the performance of Okean Elzy in the Minsk-Arena. It will also be used in the February tour of DDT in Belarus.

The concert started at 18.00. Ticket price was 280 thousands (dance floor) and 350 thousands (tables).