Belarusians exchanged only $23 million within five days of 2015

From January 1-5, Belarusians sold 35.4 millions of net currency. Individuals exchanged 23.6 million dollars in cash and sold 11.8 million dollars via transfer. The announcement came from BelTA with reference to the National Bank of Belarus.

As was earlier reported by Euroradio, from 25 until 29 December 2014, net sales of foreign currency by population of Belarus amounted to 52.9 million dollars. Belarusians sold to the banks 45.6 million dollars in cash and 7.3 million of non-cash dollars.

During the five days of December, deposits in Belarusian rubles in banks increased by 319 billion 300 million rubles. During the period of January 1-5, there was an  increase in fixed deposits in Belarusian rubles which amounted to 421.4 billion rubles.

From December 20, there was a 30% currency sale fee in Belarus. However, on December 30, it was reduced to 20%, and on January 6 -to 10%. It is worth noting that at currency tradings on January 5, dollar rose to 840 rubles at once, on January 6 - by 60 rubles more.

Photo: Fotolia