Rights defenders launch #NoRightForViolence flash mob

Праваабаронцы пачалі флэшмоб #БезПраваНаРасправу

Human rights defenders from Viasna have started the flash mob #NoRightForViolence in social networks. They are asking to report policemen who abuse their authority.


Some of the recent examples of violence have made them start the flash mob: policemen rushed into a pediatrician’s flat suspecting him of exhibitionism and organized clean-ups in Zybitskaya Street.


“Only some of such victims dare to ask for punishment for their offenders or make the incidents public. As a result, policemen go unpunished and people remain unprotected from police violence while the MIA power abuse statistics are corrupted. Let us destroy the wall of silence, fear and lawlessness together! ” human rights defenders wrote in their appeal.

Well-known activist Pavel Vinahradau was one of the first people to support the flash mob.