Experts commented on Lukashenka's statement about oil products for Ukraine

Particular attention was paid to oil supplies from Belarus to Ukraine. Lukashenka noted that despite domestic needs, our country will assist Ukraine in ensuring its economy has oil products

The experts questioned by RIA novosti, are confident that the statement is not about the increase in the oil supplies to Ukraine but rather about Belarus' fulfillment of its contract obligations. The phone conversation of the Belarus and Ukraine  leaders was preceded by the statement from the special exporter of oil products "Belarus Oil Company" that notified the Ukraine side about its inability to fulfil the oil supply agreements in full. 

It is known that Ukraine needs 10 million tons of oil products a year. Belarus supplies about 4-4,5 mln tons out of this volume (petrol -- about 1,5 mln tons, diesel -- 2,5 mln tons).

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