Expert: border area with Russia a non-political move


It should be recalled that on September 4 the President signed a decree that established border area within the territories adjacent to the border between Belarus and Russia. There were speculations that it was a "preparation for a full-fledged border" with the Russian Federation. 

Political analyst Yury Shautsou believes that this way Belarus is building infrastructure on the border with Russia. 

Shautsou: "On the Russian side there is an almost entire border infrastructure, and from time to time it comes up, when it is necessary to control the flow of goods from Belarus. Belarus is simply building this infrastructure after Russia. Over the last month there were ​​a lot of decisions concerning the border."

Yury Shautsou doesn't see any political context in the introduction of such a measure, and he links it to restoration of order on the border with the neighboring countries. 

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