Ex-judge happy to be out of EU 'black list'

The European Union prolonged the sanctions against Belarusian officials involved in human rights violations for a year. The Council of the EU took the decision on October 29. On Wednesday, October 30 the EU official journal published the updated 'black list': 13 people were crossed out of it, including Volha Komar.

Talking to a Radio Liberty correspondent, Volha Komar said she was happy but had no desire elaborate with any detailed comments. She only added that being on the black list had never affected her work as a lawyer.

Volha Komar became notoriously famous when in 2011 she as a judge at Minsk's Frunzenski district court sentenced Vasil Parfyankou, a participant in post-election protests on the December 19, 2010 to 4 years in prison. She is also known as a graduate of the Belarusian National Humanitarian Lyceum named after Yakub Kolas.

The official document of the Council of the EU with the 'black list' is available here.

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Photo: svaboda.org