EU officially secures lifting of sanctions against Belarus

Еўрасаюз афіцыйна замацаваў зняцце санкцый з Беларусі

The European Union has officially secured the lifting of sanctions against Belarus. The relevant message of the Council of the European Union appeared on Thursday, February 25.

It is noted that Brussels reacted to the release of political prisoners in Belarus, to improved relations with our country and the fact that the presidential elections of October 11, 2015 took place without violence on the side of the authorities.

The EU Council left unchanged the arms embargo and sanctions against the four suspects in the disappearance of two opposition activists, businessmen and journalists in 1999-2000.

As Euroradio reported earlier, political decision on lifting sanctions against 170 people and three companies was made on February 15. It received a positive reaction in Minsk. Documents adopted on 25 February will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union on Saturday, 27 February.