Economist: IMF may allocate money for liberalisation of economy

Эканаміст: МВФ можа даць грошы пад лібералізацыю эканомікі і прыватызацыю

Belarus will ask the International Monetary Fund for 3 billion dollars, Minister of Finance Uladzimir Amaryn announced. The IMF mission will arrive in our country in November.  Belarus has promised to conduct ‘expanded reforms’ this time. The reforms will include the liberalisation of the economy, more opportunities to privatize enterprises and subsidies (including the communal services) will be decreased. It may result in increasing prices for the communal services, economist Yaraslau Ramanchuk told Euroradio.


Ramanchuk: “The credit may be allocated for structural reforms and the liberalization of the economy. We need to assure the IMF that we will fulfill our promises: privatization and putting the state financing in order. Money should not be allocated to those who do not deserve it. The cancellation of subsidies is part of such reforms.”

Belarus paid about 3 billion dollars of debts in 9 months of this year, the Minister of Finance claimed. We still need to pay less than a billion by eth end of the year.


Міністр фінансаў таксама заявіў, што за 9 месяцаў гэтага года Беларусь выплаціла па знешніх даўгах каля 3 мільярдаў долараў. Да канца года яшчэ трэба выплаціць менш за мільярд.