Ecomedservice anaesthetist imprisoned for 4 years

Shurau was returned guilty of negligence that resulted in a patient’s death, reports. He was also deprived of his medical licence for 5 years. By the way, the doctor came to the courtroom close-cut and with a huge bag.

Ecomedservice chief engineer Vadzim Lihuta was sentenced to 3 years in colony-settlement. Certain types of work are forbidden to him for 5 years.

Former Ecomedservice director-general Halina Valzhankina was sentenced to 2 years of restriction of liberty without imprisonment and deprived of her medical license for 5 years.

All the three are not allowed to leave the state.

Ecomedservice will also have to pay Br500 million to each parent. The medical centre will have to pay the compensation to Yuliya Kubarava’s parents within a month.

The sentence may be appealed within 10 days.

25-year-old Yuliya Kubarava died after a nose job in Ecomedservice last year.