Prosecutor demands to imprison Ecomedservice anaesthetist for 5 years


The hearing started on January 9. 25-year-old Yuliya Kubarava died after a nose job in Minsk commercial medical centre Ecomedservice in spring 2013.

The prosecutor has asked to imprison Ecomedservice ex-anaesthetist Alyaksandr Shurau for 5 years, ex-chief engineer Uladzimir Lihuta – for 4 years and to arrest both of them in the court room.

 He also asked to restrict Halina Valzhankina’s liberty for 2 years (ex-director general) without sending her to prison. He stressed that their guilt had been proved. Kubarava died of “brain air hunger after anaesthesia”. “Her death was caused by the lack of medical measures after the operation,” he continued. Alyaksandr Shurau used faulty medical equipment, did not stick to the safety regulations and “did not provide the needed supervision after the surgery”. It happened due to Valzhankina and Lihuta’s negligence.

The prosecutor also said that the deceased patient’s parents could get 500 million roubles from every defendant, Interfax-West reports.