Dzmitryeu: Karatkevich will not pull out from election

Opposition politicians Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu, Mikalai Statkevich, Pavel Sevyarynets and Anatol Lyabedzka аnnounced at news conference on August v28 in Minsk that participation of the pro-democracy opposition in the presidential elections is not possible, if it wishes to be against the current political regime in Belarus. Former presidential contender in 2010 Nyaklyaeu expressed readiness to hold negotiations with Tatsiana Karatkevich about pulling out from this campaign.

Nyaklyaeu: “I am saying once again. I have kept approaching Karatkevich suggesting to pull out. I wrote a personal letter to the Tell the Truth campaign. If they reply, things can start moving probably. If not, if they fail to find moral and political strength to fix this situation, which they put not only themselves into but the entire pro-democracy opposition, it will mean the biggest defeat of the opposition over all these years.”

Euroradio has failed to talk to Tatsiana Karatkevich as her phone was switched off. But we got a comment from the head of her election headquarters Andrei Dzmitryeu:

“As of today, we have collected over 100 000 signatures in favor of Tatsiana. We feel a huge support from people. Many of them came to our activists, put their signatures and said they definitely wanted to see the name of Karatkevich in the ballot papers so that they could vote and there could be an alternative in Belarus. Neigther I nor the whole team, I think, believe it makes sense to remove the alternative with our own hands for unclear purposes. We do not plan that at the moment.”

Photo: Euroradio