Tatiana Karatkevich

Tatstsyana Karatkevich. Photo: Euroradio
Tatstsyana Karatkevich. Photo: Euroradio
Lukashenka divided schoolchildren into ‘children from the fifth column’ and ‘those of ordinary Belarusians loving their country.'
They are indignant at the attitude of the Tell the Truth leader to the arrest of Belarussophobic authors of Regnum.
“It is wrong when people get arrested for expressing their opinion,” the ex-presidential candidate said.
Former activist of "Tell the Truth" Yaraslau Bernikovich has accused the Karatkevich headquarters of falsifying signatures.
According to him, less than 15 thousand signatures were collected in Minsk.
At a meeting in Parliament with the PACE and OSCE ODIHR Tatsiana Karatkevich was the only opposition representative invited.
Ex-presidential candidate Tacciana Karatkevich takes part in the meeting between Belarusian MPs and delegates from PACE.
Tell the Truth! campaign says their candidate Tatsiana Karatkevich received 19% of votes, while Aliaksandr Lukashenka - 51%.
The documents the campaign presented did not correspond to the existing legal terms, the Ministry of Justice decided.