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Mandatory job placement for graduates a problem for Bologna Process - expert


Belarus was admitted to the European Higher Education Area (the Bologna Process) two years ago. Experts suggested ‘a road map’ to help our country stick to the requirements. However, Belarus has not managed to fulfill the requirements in two years, member of the Civil Bologna Committee Uladzimir Dunayeu told Euroradio.


Uladzimir Dunayeu: “The road map was meant for 3 years. We will have to give account to the ministerial summit in Paris in a year. We have almost no time left and we have only made a project of amendments to the Education Code. It has not been approved yet.”

The main problems for the Bologna Process are the procedure of placement of graduates and the registration of student associations, Dunayeu thinks. It is very difficult to register an independent student association and the placement does not fulfil its functions now: we lack vacancies instead of specialists.