Czechs and Slovaks indignant at Russian film about 1968

The Russian TV Channel Russia 1 has shown the film Warsaw Pact. Top Secret Files describing the intervention of the Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia in August 1968. The Czech and Slovak authorities are indignant at the film. They have accused Moscow of attempts to re-write history, BBC reports.

Tanks of the Warsaw Pact member states entered Prague in August 1968. Over a hundred citizens of Czechoslovakia were killed in the suppression of the protests of liberal reforms supporters.

“The troops were brought to Czechoslovakia to prevent a military coup prepared by the West,” the film authors say. The film was shown on May 23.

The Czech government has already summoned the Russian Ambassador in connection with the film. The film is ‘deceptive’, the Czech Foreign Minister thinks.

Slovakia has expressed an official protest in connection with the documentary. Russia officially apologized for the intervention and occupation of Czechoslovakia in the past, the Slovakian MFA reminded.

Photo: AFP