Coach Kazeka: My flat in ‘Chyzh’s’ house is sequestrated

Трэнер Казека пацвердзіў, што яго кватэру ў "доме Чыжа" арыштавалі

The chief coach of Belarus national freestyle team, Mikalai Kazeka, has confirmed to that his flat situated in so-called ‘Chyzh’s house’ in the Trinity Suburb has been sequestrated. It happened when a criminal case was started against Yury Chyzh and his company Triple in March.  Dozens of unsold flats belonging to Triple in that house were sequestrated at the end of March, Nasha Niva reported. However, Kazeka bought the flat (105 square metres) on an instalment plan. He had to pay the debt by the middle of 2018, the newspaper notes.

The flat belongs to him and it has been sequestrated, Mikalai Kazeka confirmed to “I wrote to the investigator and asked him to cancel the sequestration. I learnt about it not long ago, the coach said. As the appeal was sent not long ago, Kazeka has not received a reply yet.

"I still have to pay part of my debt. I have a contact with Triple and I pay the company every month because I bought the flat on an instalment plan,” Kazeka said. The price of $1 thousand per square metre mentioned in Nasha Niva is not true, he added. However, he refused to tell what the real price was.

Mikalai Kazeka is a famous Belarusian coach. He is 66 years old. His pupils Ala Tsuper and Anton Kushnir became Olympic champions and were presented flats in ‘Chyzh’s house’.

Трэнер Казека пацвердзіў, што яго кватэру ў "доме Чыжа" арыштавалі