Charges pronounced to biker who knocked down driving inspector in Minsk

Матацыклісту, які ў Мінску збіў інспектара ДАІ, выставілі абвінавачанне

Charges have been pronounced to the biker who knocked down a driving inspector in Minsk, official spokesperson of the Investigation Committee Yuliya Hancharova told BELTA. The man is accused of violating the road rules which resulted in involuntary grievous bodily harm (p.2 of article 317 of the Criminal Code of Belarus). The biker is facing panel labour for up to 2 years or imprisonment for up to 5 years (he may also be forbidden to take certain positions). According to Hancharova, Minsk Investigation Committee is investigating this criminal case.


The road accident occurred on the morning of April 18 at the crossing of Independence Avenue and Kazlova Street, Euroradio reported. A 46-year-old driving inspector and 31-year-old biker were injured. The police officer tried stopping the biker but he rushed forwards and dragged the policemen after him. They got knocked down by a CIT van at the crossroads. The driving inspector is still in a coma. The biker was put in a guarded ward in hospital and jailed afterwards. He has refused to give evidence.