Businessman Arkadiy Izrailevich loses libel suit against Novy Cas newspaper

Arkadiy Izrailevich (left). Euroradio image
Arkadiy Izrailevich (left). Euroradio image

Minsk's Saviecki District Court on 10 September pronounced the ruling in the case of the Minsk-based businessman Arkadiy Izrailevich who sought to protect his honor, dignity and business reputation against the Novy Cas (New Times) newspaper and independent journalist Dzianis Ivashyn. Some time back, the newspaper published Ivashyn's investigative story, which claimed that Izrailevich's company IB Ltd was a beneficiary in the construction of the notorious restaurant "Poyedem Poyedim" near the people's memorial to the victims of Stalin's purges in the 1930s in Kurapaty, a Minsk suburb. Izrailevich said it was not true and demanded that the newspaper run a rebuttal and pay BYN 40 000 ($20 000) as material compensation "for an emotional ordeal and the deterioration of physical health."

Izrailevich has lost the court battle as the court rejected his lawsuit. He will have to pay BYN600 ($300) in compensation to the defendants to cover their defense lawyer's fees.

Novy Cas editor-in-chief Aksana Kolb said when asked for a comment by Euroradio that despite the ruling she is ready to provide Arkadiy Izrailevich with space in the newspaper in order to explain his stance. She also said she was happy that the "court took the side of justice."