Bus with Belarusian children overturns in Czech Republic

У Чэхіі перакуліўся аўтобус з беларускімі дзецьмі

A tourist bus with 49 children from Belarus overturned On Wednesday, January 6, near the village Litaborzh in the Czech Republic.

According to Radio Liberty. 11 children were injured in the accident. Several ambulances, firefighters and a helicopter rescue service arrived at the scene.

It is reported that the accident occurred at about 11 pm local time. According to preliminary police report, the driver underestimated the difficult weather conditions and was driving too fast. On a slippery road, the bus skidded and ended up on its right side.

The 11 injured children were aged 12 to 16 years. One 15-year-old boy with severe injuries was brought to the hospital on the helicopter. Another girl of the same age was moderately injured. Other children suffered minor injuries.

Rescuers brought all the passengers of the bus to the village Gorzycki. They are receiving psychological help.