British punk band The Exploited sorry for statement about Brutto

“I think we have been misinformed about this band so I apologise for this as we got told some things that I don't now think are true,” the band replied to Euroradio via their official account on Facebook. The British musicians are now deciding whether they will still take part in the festival in Ukraine.

The Exploited refused to perform at the Zakhid music festival in Ukraine saying they could not play along such bands as BRUTTO. The Exploited's frontman Wattie Buchan referred to 'too much shit' received about BRUTTO. He also mentioned a video where the band was allegedly depicted abusing an old man.

Brutto comment The Exploited's refusal to play at Zakhid festival

Zakhid will take place on 14-16 August in Lviv region, featuring ILL NIÑO, Brutto, Godyukin Brothers, Haidamaki, Bumboks, Zhadan, Matisyahu, Dead by April, Onuka and O.Torvald.