Belarusian authorities figure out how to deal with 'Sasha 3%' meme

"Sasha 3%" meme /
"Sasha 3%" meme /

It took the Belarusian authorities almost three years to figure out how to deal with the "Sasha 3%" meme. It turned out to be ridiculous.

"MP" Liliya Ananich told reporters that now it will be forbidden to publish the results of opinion polls carried out by non-accredited pollsters during electoral campaigns, the press service of the House of Representatives reports.

First of all,  this could never have happened because such polls had been banned long ago. Secondly, the meme about 3% appeared not because of sociological surveys, but because of the polls on several websites and Telegram channels in May 2020 ahead of the presidential election in August.

The "members of the House of Representatives" seem to not know the laws of the country in which they live but prefer to pretend they are very busy.

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