Opinion polls

The consequences of the war are more often estimated negatively both for Belarus and for themselves / collage by Ulad Rubanau, Euroradio

Opinions on "preventive strike" are divided

City of Bucha after liberation / ERA

Most Belarusians don't feel there is a war going on.

Belarusians have been worried about the possibility of war since December / AP

Previously, the main problem was the economy.

People in Minsk / Euroradio

The investigative journalism project Dossier Center reports the data are trustworthy.

How many Belarusians voted for Lukashenka and how many chose Tsikhanouskaya? / Reuters​

Even 14 months after the election, Lukashenka speaks out about his assessment of the results.

Money / Euroradio​

Almost 37% of Belarusians expect further decline in income. Only 6.3% are positive about future.

Protest in Minsk / Euroradio​

Over the two autumn months, it decreased by 11.6 percentage points.

A peaceful protest against integration with Russia in December 2019 / Euroradio

BAW's December 2019 poll shows a significant drop in the number of Belarusians supporting a union with Russia.


Our country ranks 47th. The survey involved more than 1 million people from 100 countries.