Belarus Top Bribes 2018


How pathetic, greedy and cheap a corrupt official in Belarus is. Struggling to survive in harsh conditions of the Belarusian economic model, he or she is eager to take anything as bribe. As the saying goes: "Any fish is good if it is on the hook." According to the statements by the law-enforcement, officials readily accept parfumes, cognac, fish, banknotes in small denominations, coins and even discounts on PCV windows.

This kind of news makes one think that public servants and heads of state-run enterprises simply do not get their salaries. Euroradio has complied the top list of bribe takers in Belarus for the year of 2018.

Ice-cream, dumplings and butter

A certain head of district administration who also was in charge of a territorial anti-corruption commission every week received foodstuffs from a supermarket free of charge.

"[They act], as if they live in the time of food shortages. Usual fish, chicken, butter, dumplings and even ice-cream was a weekly package for the official," lamented recently KGB Head Valery Vakulchyk. Moreover, his wife and other family members were also involved in placing orders for foodstuffs."

Discounted PVC windows for the tender victory

Head of the state-run enterprise in Baranavicy Vital Kadyshyn was charged with accepting a bribe in the form of PVC windows. To be more exact, he had received a discount and paid only one third of the total price tag. It was a kickback for makine one of the bidding firms win the tender.

Head of State Inspectorate for Fauna and Flora Protection in Mozyr took fish as a bribe

Some officials are greedy to the extent that cannot be logically explained. Head of State Inspectorate for Fauna and Flora Protection in Mozyr Uladzimir Lahimakha on two occasions accepted fish as a bribe for protecting two fishermen who illegally fished in the Polesye State Radiation and Ecology Reserve. Hopefully, nobody suffered from radioactive fish in the end.

За Cognac, parfumes, a notepad and a pen

Former head of Transport Inspectorate at the Ministry of Transport and Communication Leanid Lemesh was charged with having received souvenir packages containing cognac, parfumes, a calendar, a notpad and a pen in amout of BYN890 ($445).

He received all of that for issuing permits to private fims for the passage of cargo transport. Accordng to the prosecutors, he aslo was about to receive another bribe in amount of $50 but did not manage because he got detained. Lemesh was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.

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