In Belarus, 58 thousand more people were fired than hired in 10 months

Dismissal /

Dismissal / /

According to the report of the National Statistics Committee, in October there were more dismissals than hirings in Belarus. The report does not include micro and small enterprises without departmental subordination.

A total of 59.8 thousand people were hired in October, while 60.15 thousand people were dismissed, which is 350 more.

In agriculture, forestry and fishing, manufacturing, construction, trade, transportation and logistics, information and communication, there were more dismissals than hirings. And in education and health care, energy, creative arts, sports, entertainment and recreation, more people were hired than laid off.

From January to October 2023 in Belarus 601.8 thousand people were dismissed -- 58 thousand more than hired. At the end of ten months, Belstat recorded a negative balance in almost all sectors, including information and communications.

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