Belarusians don't want to fill in the holes in the labor market because of poor working conditions /​

There are not enough workers in Belarus. This may become another brake on the economy, the EDB warns.

Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater / Euroradio​

"You wouldn't treat people without an education. Why do you think you can act on stage without an education? That's ridiculous.

Nadzeya Syarbinenka / Instagram​

“Because I can’t change anything, but I can’t close my eyes and not notice what is happening”.

Ivan Kolas /

Ivan Kolas is mastering the profession of motion-designer and wants to return to Belarus “when the situation changes”.

Pavel Latushka / Euroradio

Former Belarusian culture minister and diplomat Pavel Latushka describes the plan as "purges of Belarus' diplomatic corps."

It has happened at Babruisk Tractor Details Plant.

They are expected to join the Housing Repairs and Utilities Service in 2015.

Civil activist Ryhor Hryk has been summoned to the administration of Sovatomstroi this week. He was a puncher there.

The Ministry of Culture has refused to renew a contract for former Institute of Culture rector Ivan Kruk.