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Another state TV journalist leaves job

Nadzeya Syarbinenka / Instagram​

Nadzeya Syarbinenka, the author of the program "Under President's Control", as well as news stories in the Panarama and Main Broadcast, has resigned from Belarusian state TV.

The journalist wrote about her dismissal in the Instagram account.

“It just became obvious that it would no longer be possible to continue appearing on the air, filming stories, recording interviews with ordinary people throughout the country as before,” Syarbinenka wrote.

She stated that she had been on vacation since August 17 and after that she decided to leave the BT. “Because I can’t change anything, but I can’t close my eyes and not notice what is happening,” she wrote.

The journalist noted that she had worked for the TV news agency (ATN) for seven years, starting as a student journalist.

This is not the first case of high-profile journalist leaving state media. Earlier, the head of the presidential TV pool, Dzmitry Semchanka, left his job. In revenge for his departure, the authorities put Semchanka under arrest for 15 days.