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Belarus protests: Belarusian MFA to sack 30 diplomats - Latushka

Pavel Latushka / Euroradio

30 Belarusian diplomats will be fired in the next several days, ex-director of the Kupala National Drama, former ambassador to Poland and France, ex-culture minister Pavel Latushka wrote in his Telegram channel.

New dismissals will add up to the sacking of Belarusian ambassadors to Spain, Latvia and Slovakia. Diplomats at MFA's Central Directorate as well as diplomats at the missions to the European Union, Latvia, Poland, India, United Arab Emirates, and other countries will be fired. 

"They are set to sack even the only Indonesian language-speaker at the Belarusian MFA, young Belarusian diplomats who graduated from MGIMO (Russian Institute of Foreign Relations). The reason? The diplomats voiced their civic position and disagreed with the falsification of the elections and acts of violence against peaceful protesters by riot police. They also refused to falsify the results of the vote," Latushka explains.

He describes this as "purges in Belarus' diplomatic corps" and destruction of the diplomatic service.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to comment on this situation to TUT.BY.

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