Anatol Lyabedzka and Iryna Yaskevich fined for solidarity with entrepreneurs

Анатоля Лябедзьку і Ірыну Яскевіч аштрафавалі за салідарнасць з ІП

Minsk Maskouski District Court fined United Civil Party leader Anatol Lyabedzka for Br10.5 million roubles (50 base amounts) on February 17. One of the leaders of private entrepreneurs Iryna Yaskevich was fined for Br5 million 250 thousand roubles (25 base amounts) in the same court, Radio Liberty reports.


Lyabedzka even checked how educated policemen were during the trial. He wanted to check whether the chief of Minsk riot police had told the truth about his employees’ erudition.

The court also fined Artur Adamyan for 5 million 250 thousand roubles (25 base amounts) and Nina Bahinskaya for 6 million 300 thousand roubles (30 base amounts).

The action of solidarity with private entrepreneurs ‘I am an entrepreneur!’ organized in the centre of Minsk on January 18 was the reason for the fines. The police accused the present of participation in an unauthorized action.


It is the UCP leader’s second fine in the last two days. Minsk Lenin District Court fined him on February 16 for taking part in a picket against police violence organized in front of the Supreme Court on January 30.