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Anarchist Zmitser Paliyenka released in court

Zmitser Paliyenka at large / Nasta Boika, Euroradio

Minsk City Court has sentenced anarchist Zmitser Paliyenka to restriction of liberty (without imprisonment) for 3 years today, on October 25. He has been amnestied and the term he has spent in the detention center has been included in the term. The court has also sentenced him to forced treatment of chronic alcoholism. He has been released on recognition in court.

Paliyenka has been returned guilty of the violation of part 3 of article 339 of the Criminal Code (“heinous hooliganism”). According to the prosecution, Paliyenka attacked a stranger with pepper spray for a remark about smoking in the lobby of a block of flats in Hurski Street on March 13.