The anarchists in Belarus

Seven human rights organizations are demanding a review of exorbitant punishment for the anarchists.

He has been sentenced to three years of restricted freedom without imprisonment.

Yuryn was drunk and attacked first, Paliyenka says.

The young man close to the anarchist movement was reportedly detained by Ukrainian security agents in Kyiv.

Three young people have been detained on suspicion of having made an anti-police graffiti.

Zmicier Paliyenka faces administrative proceedings over a message left in social media by an unknown user.

Anarchist Movement activist Vyachaslau Kasinerau and his wife Maryna face administrative proceedings for extremism.

Zmicier Paliyenka was released form the prison colony No 2 in Babrujsk on the morning of 24 October.

Anarchists protest against a permanent increase in utilities costs and call to boycott the bills.