Political prisoner Zmicier Paliyenka released in Belarus

Zmicier Paliyenka. Photo: spring96.org

Political prisoner Zmicier Paliyenka was released form the Babruisk prison colony No 2 on the morning of 24 October, activist Maryna Nasenka wrote on social media. Friends and companions met him at the Minsk railway station.

Activist of the anarchist movement Zmicier Paliyenka, 24 was detained during the bicycle race “Critical Mass” in Minsk on 29 April 2016. The young man was found guilty of exercising violence on a policeman – he had allegedly torn a policeman’s jacket during the detention. Paliyenka was also found guilty of the production and distribution of pornographic materials. He was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment and was respited for 2 years.

Paliyenka was subjected to administrative responsibility several times after the trial. His respite was cancelled in April 2017 and he got imprisoned.

Belarusian rights defenders and the international organization Amnesty International had announced Paliyenka a prisoner of conscience.